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on surveillance video that we were able to watch. apartment managers did not let us use it on air but it help them determine what happened. >> at one point in the video, a dark subject that is efltly fell broke the railing that is here and landed basically where we're standing right now. >> reporter: police believe the college student was hanging from two pieces of wood en rail. they say alcohol was involved. >> it indicated he had been drinking but not how much. we are not going to do a toxicology report. >> residents we talked to the fall caused the commotion in the whole complex. >> i was laying in bed. i heard teishgh her, oh, please, god. >> there are often alcohol fueled parts in this complex, something they say they are used to because of student residents. >> there are roommates under age and roommates that are over age. >> at the moment police say they are not focusing on alcohol use by a minor. >> our biggest concern there was not any foul play involved. he wasn't pushed or anything like that took place prior to this happening. >> apartment managers say they don't condone underage drinki
that was discussed by the candidates and the u.s. diplomat killed in libya was remembered today in san francisco. hundreds of people packed city hall to honor ambassador christopher stevens. guest speaker included representative barbara lee and former secretary of state george shuttle. they talked about how stevens helped create a positive relationship between the u.s. and the middle east. stevens family says despite his work over seas as ambassador he still had a very active role in their family. >> chris was a huge presence in our family. though he lived far away he had a lot of friend. very challenging job. he always came home and when he came home for christmas for our wedding for hilary baby shower he was really there. he wasn't text messaging. he wasn't e mailing. he was running with us. playing tennis. eating. drinking. telling stories. and extracting our stories. >>reporter: stevens has tie to the bay area graduating from uc berkeley and uc sf hastings school of law. >> oracle 72 foot america cup yacht being towed back to port after capsizing in the bay this afternoon then
you. >> some kind of tough and always stand up guy with anything he he's been getting it done for us. we were comfortable with him out there on the mound. >> you have to manage your emotions and staying calm and keeping the game slow around you is the biggest thing we tray to do. if you do that off good chance of letting your talent be maximized. >>reporter: nice lid. funny moment in post game news conference there because zito was asked if he was aware of what was going on on twitter today. hash tag zito blowing up on twitter. they asked if he heard bit he said i tried twitter couple years ago and i got crushed and fans were all over him didn't mae make the play off roster. i'm not tweeting. i'm off twitter. you guys enjoy it. >> it was great to see him play so well. he was brilliant. >> great tonight. >> coming back to san francisc francisco. here's the schedule for the giants. game 6 played at at&t park on sunday. at 4:37. and game 7 would be played here monday at 5:07. >>> mean time more disappointing news for fans san jose shark labor dispute drags on in the nationa
frequently used app in there then they will fair up instantly. >>reporter: new product news the fact apple unveiled fourth generation full size i-pad with faster chip. apple says they will start taking on line orders for the new i-pad mini on friday. in san jose, david louie abc 7 news. >> well apple wall street is giving apple a mixed review tonight. stock was down at the opening bell and fell even further once the i-pad mini was announced. apple finished minus 20 dollars a share today. exceeded its 50,000 dollar fundraising goal in a matter of hours. it is called my motel 0and it's a small wearable camera designed to snap a photo every 30 seconds then sink with app to organize the pictures that an easily accessible digital diary. idea is people don't realize a moment was special until long after the fact. so wouldn't it be nice the idea guess to record pretty much everything? just in case. concept is called life logging. it's not new but they may most practical application of it to date. expect the device next year for under 300 dollars. >>> well giants merchandise another hot i
't change anything. come and work with us to change the policies and procedures. >>reporter: crowd continued to shout down the council for about an hour before city councilman reid handed over his cope of the police report to blue ford parents. there it is in hisrtz hand. late this afternoon the police chief had released the report to the family who is now suing the city. the lawyer burris says the family persistence worked. hear from him tonight at 11 over on channel 7. >>> staying in oakland. police are questioning 3 people tonight after another fatal shooting. the city fifth homicide in less than 24 hours time. it happened this afternoon on the 1500 block of 57th avenue. one man was pronounced dead at the scene and 3 people have been detained for questioning. this morning officers responded to double homicide that was on 72 street near international boulevard. police say 2 men were shot to death while sitting in a van. 2 other men were kill in serate gun aacksastlast nigh nigh > inan mateo tonight precutor link spect in chd molestati casat park si elementary school to an
locations. 92 in ukiah. this will be with us for another day. as a result rising temperatures and very low humidity and gusty winds. we have a red flag warning for high fire danger warning until 8:00 in the morning for east bay mountains. winds will be out of north gusting to 20-30 miles an hour. relative humidity is winds quite low. but it will diminish the risk a little bit later in the seven-day forecast. >> dan: we're going to turn your attention to a south bay doctor in serious trouble with the law. doctor marvin bonham used to help run the county health insurance for n santa clara county. he left last week. he is accused of supplying drugs to minors and trading prescription drugs for cash, but that may not be all. the story tonight from reporter david louie. >> reporter: this is booking photo of 61-year-old marvin bonham. he was the medical director of the santa clara county medical health plan. he was writing a lot of prescriptions. >> he had prescription drug 29 of primarily oxycontin and oxycodone. >> reporter: investigators say he written present subscriptions for oxycontin for h
in japapapan n2010 he came backo the u.s. and got released by the philadelphia phillies. then in 2011 he signed a minor league contract with san francisco. and now he's become the case of the giants postseason with his third straight strong performance. >> it comes down to executing pitches and getting lucky on the ones that you don't make. they foul them off or swing through. i still think game two my stuff overall was better. but tonight i had some good mys and some good fortune. >> i am proud to put on the same jersey as that man. we needed that today. he got it going from the beginning, set the seempo early. and coming on hard with the fastball. inside and out. its unbelievable job. >> and with the fans, you know, chanting vogy, vogy, everything it took. he's just an incredible story. for that moment to be out there and to be a part of it, it's something you can't explain, can't describe, but, you know, it's one of the happiest feelings i have ever had for, you know, just to see that moment and see him succeed and pitch the way he did was great. >> so there will be game seven. first pitch a
and firefighters working that day talked to us on camera on the condition we conceal their identities. they stressed that delays can take a toll on saving lives. >> for those l decrease with every single second. when it gets into minutes it becomes not recoverable. >> it doesn't end up with a glaring result but in this case it certainly has. >>reporter: city officials annual that 17 18, 18 minutes is typical response time for a call such as this the goal is 11 mini. that doesn't take into account how firefighters must stage a block or 2 away until a police officer gives the all clear. >> extremely frustrating. we are trained and from the day we start training to save lives. help people. to sit there with idle hands is excruciating at times. >>reporter: while the firefighters waited the victim died. this the will underscore the fact that paramedic may prevent from doing the job because of regulation. and the fire department rules bar them from entering into a potentially dangerous situation until a police officer declares the scene safe. in san jose, david louis abc 7 news. >
the bones in the graves used by the so called speed killer. sherman time says there are many more victims buried in graves. earlier this year he said his partner may have killed mikayla garrett. we spoke to her mother and you will hear from her tonight over on channel 7 so tune in for that. >>> now, to other developing news. 12-year-old girl shot and being treated in an apparently random shooting that happened this evening in oakland east oakland on 64th and harmon avenue. you can see the yellow markers were bullets fell. this is crime scene evidence. we understand the 12-year-old suffered non-life-threatening injuries. investigators say she was sitting in a car with a family member or family friend. neither one was targeted. it was apparently a random shooting and she was caught up in it. again this 12-year-old girl we he expect to be okay at least that is the very good news on that. >>> in san francisco tonight, police moved in when a group took over a vacant building in the mission disstrict. the whole thing was captured live on abc 7 news at 6:00. jonathan blum was reporting on the ta
department is a dirty cop. it hurts the community. it hurts us as an organization. it's wrong. >> reporter: correa says recent pay cuts and pension reform measures have angered many officers and says the cheaters feel entitled to work the system. >> i worry about the officers going in there, because there is probably a bunch of people like me that just want to do the right thing... and they're -- they're on thin ice. >> reporter: a representative from the city attorney's office says it has reviewed the complaint and has found correa's claim to be unsubstantiated and will aggressively defend the lawsuit n. san jose, corina rust. >> barnes & nobles is warning customers that credit and debit information has been stolen. the nation's largest retail book seller says burglars planted bugs in 63 stores across the country. six of the stores are in the bay area. the company says only one p.i.n. pad was hacked at each of the 63 stores. abc news pierre thomas explains tonight how it works. >> reporter: today, barnes & nobles announced it has been the victim of a massive, sophisticated scheme, targeti
avery >> embarcadero from washington street northward, avoid. >> it will take awhile for to us get through traffic. >> tomorrow won't be like this. >> this is crazy but we'll take public transportation. >> giant play off game just one of many events turning this weekend into traffic mess for the city of san francisco. big event big crowd. 1 million visitors expected to kilometer into the city this wednesday. america's cup. world series. along the embarcadero hardly strictly blue grass festival in golden gate park. giants have my off games at 6:30 p.m. both saturday and sunday. lus the castro street fair and ilian heritage parade on sunday and that doesn't even include fleet week. >> that's always a thrill. blue angel practicing over san francisco this afternoon for the show this weekend. 7 news with a look at all of the hoopla going on around here. wayne? >>reporter: all right san francisco. are you ready? >> ready for what? >>reporter: if she really needs to know. she should ask george. >> i have fleet week. i have the boat race on sunday. fr frainers playing sunday. i
cwd gr to about 0 or more. most of them seem to be his admirers. mark ream and lopez spoke to us outside. >> i am so happy with all the support. i hope the mayor and supervisors listen to the people because this is the message. >> it's culmination after 10 months of what has been an amazing ordeal agonizing to our family and to the san francisco family, frankly. >>reporter: meeting started promptly at 2 with packed chamber and standing room only at 2 overflow rooms. first the ethic commission president spoke about the members decision in august. >> by 4-1 vote the commission decided that the mayor had sustained the charges of official misconduct on the basis of the physicalbuse from the sheriff. >>reporter: deputy city attorney kaiser presented the mayor case. asking the supervisors to uphold his suspension. >> the sheriff in his testimony to them deliberately minimized and sanitized his account of the events of december 31. that he was not truthful. that he was not forthcoming. >>reporter: attorney david wagner represented mirkarimi. who sat in a corner of the chambers li
architect place the 17,000 seat arena far away from the sidewalk to preserve use of the bay. goes up where a parking lot now sits at pier 30 and 32. real estate you are looking at. arena pier will have dock for boat and kayak. the design of the building is not finalize yet but it will have as you can see here a very snazzy future looking glass exterior. team plans to be playing there in 5 years. >> well this thursday is forty-niner game day here on abc 7. at 4, 49ers legend raze andc 7 news presents the 49ers pre-game show followed at 5 by the 49ers taking on seattle seahawks at can system park on a abc 7. after that jerry and brent stick around for special edition of after the game. we are all exited about it. tune in for details. >> it will be exciting. >> spencer is here. sounds like baseball weather. >> it's going to be very warm. thursday evening. baseball weather is right but maybe it will help the niners bounce back from yesterday. here's live view from the high definition east bay camera in emeryville looking at at&t park where the giants had a big win over the cardinals.
are similar to those from the white house. on syria he emphasize the u.s. needs to take a leadership role diplomatic effort first and foremost. >> i don't think there's necessity to put our military in syria at this stage. >> he sdropt different ideas. and that's because we are doing exactly what we should be doin doing. >>reporter: as expected the candidates drifted from foreign policy to the no. 1 issue on voter minds. the economy. >> america must lead. for that to happen we have to strengthen our economy here at home. can't have 23 million people struggling to get a job. >> what we also have been able to do is position ourselves so we can start rebuilding america. that's what my plan does. >>reporter: there are few undecided voters remaining. both campaigns say the majority of them are women. so tonight president obama and mitt romney tried to emphasize the domestic angle of the foreign policies to try and sway them. karen, abc news boca raton. >> well the clock really is ticking if you want to vote in november presidential election. you have 3 hours left now to register to vote
been using these games as platforms for broader theme. last night it was cancer. tonight the sacrifice of american veterans. wayne has that story. >> let's step from the world series for just a few minutes because at the veteran hospital in san francisco major league baseball did today. >> i love the giants. >>reporter: but denise who served 20 years in the air force has severe neck pain and down the hall randall wilson had only daytime television to distract him. until this morning. >> bud selig run a bell. >> yes. >>reporter: well twhees came to visit today. commissioner of baseball along with larry bear of the giants and retired clark and perry as part of a program to say thanks to american veterans everywhere. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> thanks. have a good day. >> thank you for all your service. >> when you think these people have done and sacrifices they have made for us, for this country, we want to properly honor them. do as much as we can. >> here's world series baseball for you. >> oh, thank you sir. >>reporter: every patient on the ward professed to love bas
neighbors of the crime family are just stunned by the tragic news. family used to live in san francisco valley and the father is a former yahoo executive. vick lee has more. >>reporter: kevin and marina crime former home is necessary eled in a quiet well manicured neighborhood in noe valley. neighborhood of refurbished victorian homes. the crime lived in the 2 bedroom 2 bath house for about 6 years before selling it in july of last year. >> i remember that he had gotten a job and they were going to move to new york. >>reporter: lynn lives around the block. she remembers kevin and marina and 2 of the 3 children. 6-year-old lucy and 3-year-oldness not killed. she never met 2-year-old leo who may have just been born around the time they moved. >> they were definitely nice people. he was a techie. they bought a house small victorian and spent a lot of time fixing it and making it just right. >>reporter: she also met the grandparents who rented the inlaw apartment during a brief stay. she didn't know at the time that their son was kevin crime. >> they mentioned that the children li
so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! >>> shielding his eyes injuries waits for it. >> we have been surprising everybody all year so why not keep on doing it? >> the little team that could. the oakland a's sweep the texas rangers to win the al west championship. it is being called a magical season. and for the throngs of a's fans the magic has just begun. the highlights coming up here. first developing news out of san jose. a man shot by san mateo sheriff's deputies forcing cal tran to shut down some trains during the investigation. happened at 5:30 near autumn and jullian streets. officers received calls about someone lying on the tracks. that person was uncooperative. there was a foot chase and at some point shots were fired. the victim is expected to is survive. trains are back in service at this point. we will have a live report at 11:00. >>> a woman hiking in menlo park fell over 40 feet down a ravine. the fire department used an aerial ladder truck t
. it will be a little cooler for all of us as we get into our monday afternoon with clouds increasing throughout the day. then a chance of maybe a brief shower, maybe sprinkles. south bay locations as we head into tuesday, possibly lingering in to wdnesday mornin this ith setup cuoff ws o th coast. broht us alst cud free day. fog free, saturday and snday the lo gs closer to us,the clds will stt to move in. ther is a lttle bt o moturessociated withhe syem. heret 3:00 in the afternoon, you will see moisture, counterclockwise spin as the low gets a little closer to us, by tuesday it could possibly see some of the moisture in south bay lations. wn to mitor lay bsanta cr area and tnfterhat the low wll track into southern california and we'll say goodbye to that. so chance of seeing any sprinkles is diminished. tuesday, early wednesday morning south san jose could possibly see a sprinkle or two as the system comes by. low clouds and fog will move inland andhen afteoon sunshind paial cleang ther 40nortaynd 50 elsewhere and temperatures will come down a few degrees. 73 for antioch. 71 for concord. notice some l
watching the game on a jumbotron lilian kim joins us tonight. >> thousands are out here in san francisco civic center. this is the place to be. the city is going to celebrate, major league baseball. people from all over the bay area came here to share fun with giants fans. fortunately tonight they pulled it out in the tenth inning getting the run they needed. celebration has just begun. police officers are here to make sure things don't get out of the hand. most of the crowd is sober because alcohol was not allowed. we'll have more tonight at 11:00 >> people everywhere celebrating in the streets of san francisco, waving their flags. this is 22nd and mission. you are looking live 7 hd. they are so jubilant this evening. live at at&t park tonight. sergio quintana has joined the celebration there. >> reporter: we're crazy out here. probably about 20 minutes or so. in just the last few minutes, king street has been shut down there. are sea of people wandering over to at&t park. you can see this huge crowd of people here starting to make their way across king street. lots of police out here a
attack line that the president didn't use last week. more space for a vice-presidential candidate to engage in that kind of attack given that the approval ratings don't matter as much. this is the white house. >> in the mean time mitt romney shted his fk daughter ternatnal affas durin the spch athe virgia military institeomne asted th prident sang theisk of colict in e mile et has grown under president obama leadership. >> time to change course in the middle east. that course should be organized around the bed rock principals. america must have confidence in our cause. clarity in our purpose and resolve in our minds. >> romney pledged to tighten sanctions on iran to force it to give up the nuclear ambitio ambition. he also promised to increase military asstance and coordination with israel. white house dismissed romney attacks touting the president record in iraq afghanistan and killing of osama bin laden. >>> there are unning comments tonigh from jerry sandusky on the eve of his sentencing for child sexual abuse. former assistant football coach released a recording to the p
be trucked to safety. whole families in the back of trucks. >> we were able to go up by us. we had a baby. >> frantic rescue operation begin around midnight last night after sandy's storm surge swamped new jersey. >> within 15 minutes we had ten feet of water. >> stunned residents grabbed whatever they could as the waters rose. >> new jersey took the brunt of sandy's wrath. these images, neighborhoods consumed by sand and water. down the shore, look at this. the community of sea bright before sandy. sea bright today, just buried. atlantic city, scenes from above the iconic boardwalk now in ruins. recovery in the garden state just beginning, but today saving lives was the top priority. >> you can't walk, she can't walk but she is not injured and we're just waiting to reunite her with her daughter. >> first responders also racing to save lives in new york, boats navigating the streets of staten island across the street from manhattan. tirfied 3-year-old lifted into the arms of safety. rescue crews are expected to work through the night to make sure people that are stranded in their homes ar
the rails and big bang, cars flying over. they came and told us we need to get ot. it' uncle how fast the traiwasravelg but it tk verahundrefeet for it to finally stop. he witnessed the accident and he said it glide order one wheel before it tipped over. >> i saw people with broken arms and broken legs, babies looking like dirt balls. dirt in tir ear chp officials sa the big rig iver an seven passenrs wer all taken to t hospital. theyre in go condition. investigators say the passengers injured range in age from 3 months old to the elderly. >> dan: literally we heard of sad news in san mateo. they found one of two fishermen that went missing yesterday. it happened off the san mateo coastline. 18 foot boat was a mile offshore when it was hit by a big wave and flipped over. two survivors made it to the shore and did phone for help. the two men presumed dead were not wearing life jackets. relatives town the body on a nearby beach. >>> two people were hurt after a crash crashed into the zen restaurant in pleasant hill. they are expected to be okay. the restaurant is shut down unti furth nt
and drivers forced to use alternate routes. cause is under investigation. >>> we have a warning tonight about a bizarre and dangerous new hoax. homes raided by swat teams in the middle of the night met there by pranksters making 911 call. happens hundreds office times a year but latest victim justin biebe bieber. here's nick watt. >> 911 call. man waving a gun near bieber l.a. home. helicopters and cruisers dispatched medley. but that call was a hoax. latest in a rash of so-called swatting. bogus 911 calls for crimes so potentially dangerous they trigger a s.w.a.t. team. >> i have a pistol and i swear to god i will kill these peopl people. >>reporter: colorado springs police reacted to that with heavy weapons drawn. they found 15-year-old kid just hanging out at home. >> come out of my room they have guns pointed at me. i'm like my god i'm going to die. >> they want to watch the thrill of it. it's a power thing. >>reporter: there are about 400 swatting incidents a year nationwide. costing an average 10,000 dollars each. they waste valuable police resourc resources. raise fear.
is sivshtion at a time when drivers are used to seeing prices drop, sudden surge is making a dent in the pocket book. many folk are wondering when it will get better. >> makes me want to pay more attention to the presidential election coming up. so i want to see what they have to say on the >>reporter: one more note. experts say we can expect gas prices to continue to climb for the time being. >>> there is a new leader of the catholic church for 3 bay area counties tonight. >> i'm humble by the confidence that pope benedict xvith has placed in me. >> that is the new archbishop of san francisco. installation was a moment of pomp and protest. vl lee ann has the story. >>reporter: mood outside the ka that he had rall was festiv festive. hundreds of catholic came to witness the installation of the new leader in san francisco. >> i think it's a big day for catholics. all the bay area. yes. >>reporter: escorted by security officers the priest waved to people waiting outside the cathedral. he followed tradition as he entered through the bronze doors. not everyone was allowed to witness the
the windows of this muni bus but what angered the mayor was the burning a bus. >> burning of a bus costs us a million dollars. we need to compensate to pay for it as a city. >> they set bonfires in the middle of streets. they fueled them by throwing furniture and trashcans. perhaps a thousand or more celebrated late into the night in the mission district. there were more bonfires, bigger ones. police monitored the situation. when command officers thought it was out of control. they went in. they said they exhibited a lot of restraint, perhaps too much restraint. >> they kind of let it happen under control. >> police made 35 arrests almost all of them for felonies. they confiscated two guns. >> our arrests go from public drunkenness, to shooting a rifle recklessly at a window. >> the bonfires surprised his command staff. it was something they did not expect. firefighters wanted police protection because the crowd was growing too large. situation became extremely fluid. there was no adequate plan to deal with the fires. >> we could have known that fire was going to be a degree it was an issue
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